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Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 Volume 4 Chapter 12b

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Oct. 1st, 2011 | 02:56 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful

Thanks for all the comments :) I enjoy reading them ^^

Second part of Chapter 12 and end of volume 4!

Fuyuki: I will definitely find Reiko-neesan!
Yuji: ---Kyou-niisan!
Yuji: Seki-san he--- Because he suffered a head injury, they're doing a check-up just in case.
Kuze: Is that so?
Yuji: Kyou..Kyou-niisan, will anything happen to Reiko-neesan?
Yuji: Those evil kidnappers, if anything happens to Reiko-neesan, if anything...
Kuze: Calm down.
Kuze: Right now we don't know if Nee-san's kidnapper is the same guy.
Yuji: But--
Kuze: That's why we have to search!
Kuze: Before anything happens---
Fuyuki: Kuze--- Do you have the map?
Kuze: Yes!
Fuyuki: Then let's start immediately!
Kuze: Wait a second!
Kuze: Why did you take your bracelet off?
Fuyuki: Kuze, you're sharp.
Kuze: Don't change the subject.

Fuyuki: I'm not! It's because... if my powers are suppressed, I won't be able to find your sister.
Fuyuki: It was only recently I discovered this new "ability"
Fuyuki: The last time I used my ability was in the mountains which had a limited range.
Fuyuki: It wasn't a large mountain.
Fuyuki: This time I want to go all out...
Fuyuki: That's why I want to give it my all from the start.
Fuyuki: Let alone---...
Reiko: Fuyuki!
Fuyuki: She is your sister
Fuyuki: Which doesn't need to be said--
Fuyuki: Don't worry!
Fuyuki: I will definitely find her.
Fuyuki: No matter what, I will save Reiko-neesan.
Yuji: Fuyuki...
Fuyuki: That's why---
Fuyuki: I definitely have to find where Reiko-neesan is!
Yuji: Kyou-niisan... Fuyuki has been sitting there without moving...
Kuze: Don't talk.
Fuyuki: Reiko-neesan--
Fuyuki: Where are you?
Fuyuki: I've already roughly grasped the direction
Fuyuki: But...
Fuyuki: I don't know where the exact location is.

Fuyuki: But, just....
Fuyuki: Just a little deeper---
Yuji: Fuyuki's face... It's already---
Yuji: Kyou-niisan!
Yuji: Why aren't you intervening?
Kuze: No need to. Don't bother her.
Kuze: Even if I tried, she wouldn't stop.
Fuyuki: Something like this
Fuyuki: Cutting off my awareness from the outside
Fuyuki: To use my "ability"
Fuyuki: In this world
Fuyuki: Only someone like me...
Fuyuki: -----Eh...?
Fuyuki: Weird
Fuyuki: There's a warm sensation on my back....
Fuyuki: He is---
Fuyuki: Kuze---...?
Fuyuki: I see it!!
Kuze: --Did you see her?
Fuyuki: So dizzy.
Fuyuki: Un, I saw her.
Kuze: Where?

Fuyuki: Stick..Sticking so close?
Fuyuki: Ignore that for now!
Fuyuki: On the map is... here!
Fuyuki: I knew-- the warmness just now was Kuze's body?
Kuze: The outskirts on the west?
Fuyuki: There is a light green building there. That's where Reiko-neesan is.
Fuyuki: She still seems to be conscious, but...
Kuze: You can't ascertain whether her life is in danger or if she has been harmed... right?
Fuyuki: Un, Right...
Fuyuki: I have no way of seeing that clearly.
Fuyuki: I don't know if Reiko-neesan is safe...
Fuyuki: Ku...ze...?
Kuze: I already contacted Sasaki. He should be ready to mobilize at any time. I'll inform him of Nee-san's location.
Fuyuki: The look in Kuze's eyes just now---
Kuze: Let's go as well!
Fuyuki: Eh? Okay...
Fuyuki: That moment---...
Fuyuki: Yuji, we're leaving!

Fuyuki: !?
Fuyuki: ... Yuji?
Yuji: Fuyuki...
Yuji: Kuze-nii-san... Something is off...
Fuyuki: Eh?
Yuji: Um-- I might be thinking too much, but...
Fuyuki: Yu..Yuji?
Fuyuki: What's wrong?
Yuji: But, it's the same as that time!
Yuji: Kyou-niisan has those eyes again!
Yuji: Just like when Naoko---
Fuyuki: Eh----?
Yuji: Our little sister was kidnapped--
Fuyuki: "Naoko-san" is Kuze's---
Fuyuki: Little sister?
White cap kidnapper: It was a real success.
Kidnapper #2: Please~ So bold~
White cap kidnapper: The guy that was with her shouldn't have seen what we look like!
Black cap kidnapper: Even if he did, the police have no way of finding this place.
Reiko: Then aren't I dangerous? These guys aren't even wearing a disguise...
Reiko: I don't know of Seki is okay...

Black cap kidnapper: Miss, you have some really bad luck!
Black cap kidnapper: But, you only have yourself to blame.
Black cap kidnapper: Who told you to walk around with such high-end items.
Black cap kidnapper: After learning this lesson, next time you go out, you should be more careful. You don't know when you'll meet another bad person! Hehehe~
Black cap kidnapper: Such an angry lady~
Black cap kidnapper: Don't worry. If you cooperate with us, we'll let you go safely.
Fuyuki: Quit lying!
Fuyuki: You'll kill the hostages once you get the ransom!
Kidnappers: You.. who is this brat?
Kidnappers: How did you get in here?
Fuyuki: Such a lousy lock would break sooner or later.
Reiko: Fu--
Reiko: Fuyuki!
Fuyuki: Reiko-neesan...
Fuyuki: Seems to be unharmed...
Kidnappers: Grr---
Fuyuki: You guys listen well!
Fuyuki: This building
Fuyuki: is already surrounded by the police
Fuyuki: I didn't know

Kidnappers: What?
Fuyuki: It's the truth. Why don't you look outside if you don't believe me.
Fuyuki: Kuze's most dear...
Fuyuki: Most beloved little sister
Fuyuki: is already no longer here---
Reiko: Kyouichirou?
Fuyuki: For who are you so driven, Kuze?

Fuyuki: Kuze--
Kuze: I didn't think---
Fuyuki: To whom are you directing your hatred?
Fuyuki: Kuze
Kuze: That someone would dare to kidnap an officer's family member...
Kuze: If not death, then surrender
Kuze: It's your choice!
Kuze: Which one do you choose?
Fuyuki: Your eyes are once again filled with rage---
Kidnapper: Don't...

Kidnapper: Don't come near!
Kidnapper: Put the gun down!
Reiko: !
Kidnapper: Or else I'll kill this girl!
Reiko: Oh no!
Reiko: Kyouichirou!
Fuyuki: I..
Fuyuki: Really don't understand so---
Fuyuki: You guys--- Are you finished?
Sasaki: !!
Fuyuki: I'm pissed!
Fuyuki: If you don't behave
Fuyuki: I'll knock you guys out!
Fuyuki: Just like this house!
Reiko: Fuyuki is scary when she's angry.
Kidnappers: We'll behave~
Appears as though a typhoon went through the house
Kuze: ---..

Sasaki: Kuze--!
Sasaki: Oh my! Why..why is the room such a mess?
Kuze: Sasaki....
Reiko: ....
Kuze: Take these guys away!
Sasaki: Okay. Sorry for troubling you guys!
Kuze: It's nothing.
Fuyuki: Reiko-neesan
Fuyuki: Are you okay?
Fuyuki: You don't look injured. That's great~
Fuyuki: Yuji was also very worried about you!
Reiko: Fu, Fuyuki...
Reiko: Fuyuki... <3
Reiko: So. Cute~
Sasaki: I was shocked to hear Kuze's sister was kidnapped. I never thought we'd find the kidnappers so quickly...
Sasaki: Fuyuki, you did a great job!
Fuyuki: Eh? Un....
Sasaki and Reiko: Fuyuki--! What's wrong?
Fuyuki: Eh?
Fuyuki: My whole body feels weak...
Kuze: Is it because you used too much of your "abilities"?
Fuyuki: I---
Fuyuki: Just now did I stop Kuze's "rage"?
Fuyuki: P..probably!

Kuze: That last burst took too much strength! Silly!
Fuyuki: Wuu~~
Kuze: Don't try to be tough. Hang on to me.
Fuyuki: Because-- others don't want to see you mad!
Sasaki: You can turn in the report tomorrow.
Kuze: Okay
Fuyuki: Kuze, if you ever get angry...
Fuyuki: I---
Yuji: Reiko-neesa~
Yuji: Wuu~ Wuu~ Wuu~
Reiko: So annoying!
(Person = Seki-san)
Seki: Reiko-sama, thank god!
Reiko: Anyway---
Reiko: You actually didn't flip out this time.
Reiko: Last time you were on a kidnapping case, didn't you beat the kidnapper half to death and get kicked out of the 1st division?
Kuze: That's because an idiot burst before I did!
Reiko: Giggle. You're talking about Fuyuki!
Reiko: She really is a good kid. Her presence is like having Naoko back by our side.
Kuze: I had thought that you already forgotten about Naoko
Kuze: It appears that wasn't the case....

Reiko: Kyouichirou---
Reiko: Just when will you be willing to take off...
Reiko: this black tie...?
Reiko: Kyouichirou!
Reiko: You don't believe that Naoko's death
Reiko: was completely your fault right?
Kuze: I'm not that masochistic and I don't plan to be.
Reiko: Don't plan to? Is it necessary to plan?
Reiko: You are clearly masochistic!

Kuze: Yuji... Do you need something?
Yuji: Kyou-niisan...
Yuji: You and Fuyuki are always inseperable
Yuji: Are you using Fuyuki as Naoko's replacement?
Yuji: Kyou-niisan-- Wait a second!
Yuji: Ever since we were small the only girl's hair you would ever touch was Naoko's wasn't it?
Naoko: Kyou-chan! Kyou-chan!
Yuji: Even now I remember it clearly---
Naoko: My hair is all tangled.
Yuji: Kyou-niisan, you have special feelings for Fuyuki.
Yuji: The Naoko that was spoiled by Kyou-niisan...
Yuji: But if it is just love for a little sister, then that's too cruel!
Yuji: Because that girl definitely toward you---
Kuze: Yuji......
Yuji: !!
Yuji: Cr..Crap. He's mad!
Yuji: It's scary when Kyou-niisan is angry~
Kuze: Let me borrow your camera.
Yuji: Phew! He's not angry.
Yuji: You... you want to borrow my camera after hearing what I said?
Yuji: It's totally irrelavent!
Kuze: Aren't you annoying?
Yuji: Wah!

Reiko-neesan's personally directed~
Fairytale starring Fuyuki~
Fuyuki: So...
Fuyuki: So uncomfortable....
Fuyuki: Annoying... Can't even get up... Seems like I really did release too much of my ability.
Fuyuki: ----...
Fuyuki: I...
Fuyuki: Never thought that she was his little sister....
Fuyuki: Even though I now know that Naoko isn't Kuze's lover
Fuyuki: I can't even be happy.
Fuyuki: Kuze!
Kuze: Are you feeling better?
Fuyuki: I'm fine, almost fully recovered.
Fuyuki: Don't know if I can ask...
Kuze: What?
Fuyuki: Naoko, She... How did she pass away?
Kuze: ! You----
Kuze: Yuji told you?
Fuyuki: Un----
Kuze: It's been 12 years---
Kuze: Since Naoko passed away.
Kuze: If she were still alive, she would be your age.
Fuyuki: Such tranquil eyes....

Fuyuki: Is that so!
Fuyuki: The Kuze just now
Fuyuki: and the Kuze from earlier are completely different...
Fuyuki: Yuji told me, Naoko was always glued to you.
Fuyuki: Not only that..,
Fuyuki: She called you-- "Kyou-chan"!
Kuze: Yuji is so annoying.
Fuyuki: She called you Kyou-chan! Kyou-chan!
Fuyuki: Hahaha.
Fuyuki: Too cute~
Kuze: Don't laugh.
Fuyuki: Also...
Fuyuki: The suspect still hasn't been brought to justice.
Kuze: You--- Go to sleep!
Fuyuki: Uwah!
Fuyuki: Kyou-chan isn't behaving!
Fuyuki: Kyou~chan~chan~
Kuze: You... Say that again?
Fuyuki: Ah!
Kuze: You see!
Kuze: Don't get carried away.
Fuyuki: Wuuu...
Kuze: I don't understand why you used so much of your abilities. If not for that last burst, you wouldn't have lost all your strength.
Fuyuki: But, if I hadn't gotten angry at that time, weren't you going to flip out in rage?
Kuze: Eh?
Fuyuki: After today---
Fuyuki: You can only release your anger
Fuyuki: when we catch Naoko's murderer.

Fuyuki: If something like this happens again
Fuyuki: ---Kuze--
Fuyuki: I will get angry in your place, so you don't have to.
Fuyuki: Because I like you
Fuyuki: You have to hold in your anger for Naoko's sake
Fuyuki: I don't want to see your eyes full of hatred
Fuyuki: Nor do I want those eyes to have to appear---
Fuyuki: Those eyes
Fuyuki: Can only appear once more for Naoko...
Fuyuki: ? Eh----Kuze?
Fuyuki: Kuze is always such a bully--
Fuyuki: Uwah!

Fuyuki: Ku...Kuze? What are you doing?
Fuyuki: Hold on...
Extreme Panic
Fuyuki: He likes to tease and ridicule others
Kuze: So noisy, just be quiet!
Fuyuki: He's not honest
Fuyuki: Why are you telling me to be quiet? You suddenly do something like this and tell me to be quiet?
Fuyuki: He's a man with so many flaws----
Kuze: Okay!
Fuyuki: And so obnoxious!
Kuze: Just quit moving around...
Fuyuki: But I still like you.
Fuyuki: Stupid...
Fuyuki: Wait... this isn't a new method of teasing people is it?
Kuze: ....
Kuze: Hold it in for Naoko--- Is..it?
Fuyuki: I'll get angry in your place!
Kuze: Nosy girl...

Fuyuki: I've never taken natural photos like this!
Kuze: I'm the same...
(I was sooo confused by Kuze's statement for the longest time... Why is he the same??? Then... I figured it out... Fuyuki has never had someone take pictures of her, whereas Kuze has never taken photos of someone else)
Reiko: Aww-- You guys are leaving?
Fuyuki: Un, sorry for bothering you.
<-- Lovely style clothes
Fuyuki: Thank you for the clothes.
Kuze: Please-- It's not even a holiday and you force us to stay, person with no brain!
Reiko: What did you say?
Reiko: Stubborn Jerk!
(Only 2 years apart)
Yuji: Fuyuki!
Fuyuki: Yuji.
Yuji: Being Kuze's partner is tough
Yuji: Don't hate him!
Fuyuki: I won't.
Yuji: So cute~ Fuyuki-chan...
Yuji: Good girl, good girl
Fuyuki: ?

Fuyuki: !?
Kuze: Let's go!
Fuyuki: Uwah----!
Fuyuki: Don't choke me!
Yuji: Eh? That slap just now...
Yuji: Eh?
Yuji: Weird?
Yuji: Could it be Kyou-niisan he----
Reiko: Bo~ring, they left~
Reiko: Can Fuyuki be adopted into our family?
Yuji: I think she will definitely be part of the Kuze family in the future...
Reiko: What?

Extra - Yuji's Secret Album About Kyouichirou

Hello everyone, this is Yuji. This time I want to provide a good "service," by sharing a part of my precious "secret album" with everyone. It's the section with Kyou-niisan's childhood and school photos! How did I get these photos? Not. Telling. You <3

<--Kyou-niisan (4)
Isn't Kyou-niisan cute? He looks like a girl at this age! I wasn't born yet. Reiko-neesan said: "He read books all day and never even smiled. Not cute at all." But I still think he's very cute!

--> Kyou-niisan (8), Me (2)
Kyou-niisan spoils me. He let sleep while laying on him. (Laugh) Black is my original hair color! But, among us siblings, Kyou-niisan has the darkest hair and eyes which seems to be rare even among the Japanese.

--> Kyou-niisan (15)
During the high school culture festival, the guys reluctantly dressed as girls because they were forced to do it. His classmates really have guts~ But, Kuze is pretty enough to be a flower, you really can't tell he's a guy. At first glance, it looks like Reiko-neesan (laugh). But I look like Kyou-niisan too.

<--Reiko-neesan (18), Kyou-neesan (16)
The two of the in their school uniform. I know I have a sister complex, but I'm not saying this because she is my sister. Reiko-neesan is the world's number one beauty. I know I also have a brother complex, but Kyou-niisan is the world's most handsome guy~

--> Kyou-niisan (17)
When Reiko-neesan was in college, some guys kept badgering her. As a result, Kyou-nii taught them a lesson. The other guys challenged him to a fight, and in the end, Kyou-niisan beat them into a sorry state. Kyou-niisan is awesome! Starting from this time, Kyou-niisan kept growing taller.

<--Kyou-niisan as a college student
During this time, Kyou-niisan's vision was fine, so I don't know why he is wearing glasses. Maybe just for fun? He won't tell me why, but I think he doesn't want anyone to stare at him. That must be the reason!

-->The best picture!
This is from the morning when Kyou-niisan and Fuyuki stayed over. According to Fuyuki, Kyou-niisan helps her with her hair! (Shocked) Really Kyou-niisan, just what do you want to do? (Ba-dump Ba-dump)

*Sfx: Wink
(Yuji: There are still a lot more photos)
^Until next time!
(Yuji: There's not enough pages this time, so we'll stop here!)
*Sfx: Sway
^Kuze: Pighead...
^Kuze: Besides the first two photos, you secretly took all the other ones!

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Thank you! I will waiting for next chapters! One more time THANK YOU! <3

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Loved Yuji's secret album, thank you for the translation.

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Thanks for the translations. I really appreciate it. I wish I had learnt my Chinese when I was little, lol. Anyways, I really love this series :P Yuji's photobook was so cute (what an attractive family they had); I had wondered why he was the only blond?/light haired person in the family.

Kuze's teasing and Fuyuki's bewilderment makes me chuckle. Wahh, the hand slapping made me squeal, haha Kuze's getting jealous. And I love Yuji's prediction at the end lol. ^^ Thanks again, I'm looking forward to the next chapters! ~illuminate :)

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Thank you for all the hard work. You did a great job at translating it. Now that the matter of the mysterious beloved girl of Kuze's has been cleared, it would be awesome to see how Fuyuki and Kuze's relationship progresses. I 'll be eagerly awaiting for your next translations. Keep up the good deed!

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omg i love thisss, i find them so cute! post the next chapter soon please :)

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