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Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 Volume 2 Chapter 6 part 1

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Apr. 20th, 2011 | 02:01 am

Hi all! Since this chapter is rather long, I will be posting it in parts. So here's the first part!


Fuyuki: Ku... Kuze....
Kuze: What?
Fuyuki: The other workers... what's wrong with them?
Fuyuki: Sasaki, do you know why they are like that?
Sasaki: Hm? No.. I don't know either...
Sasaki's thoughts: I can't tell her.. that it's because she stayed the night at Kuze's place!
Kuze: Just ignore them. They're just acting as if they ate something bad.
Fuyuki: Huh?
Boss and everyone else: Stay away from our Fuyuki!!
Kuze and Fuyuki still don't know the reason.
Someone: Sorry to bother you guys---

Fuyuki: Dr. Yuu
Dr. Yuu: Hi!
Arrow pointing to Dr. Yuu: A person people are scared of on sight
Employees: It.. It's Yuu..!
Kuze: Is there something you need?
Dr. Yuu: Can the two of you help me with something?
Dr. Yuu: Truthfully-- I have a friend that begged me introduce him to Fuyuki
Fuyuki: What? Me?
Dr. Yuu: That's right. He said he will only explain the reason after he meets you. But I can probably guess the reason why.
Kuze: Hey. Why do I have to go too?

Dr. Yuu: Jeez, First don't get mad! This matter is also related to you
Dr. Yuu: The assassination case from two days ago, seems like you are the one in charge of it?
Kuze: .....
Fuyuki: ...?
Kuze: If I want to get inside information, I should just quietly come along?
Dr. Yuu: Hahaha. That's just what is means. I guarantee you have nothing to lose.
Dr. Yuu: We are here.
Sign says: Mangetsu division
Dr. Yuu: Alright, let's go in!
Fuyuki: Kuze... Dr.Yuu's friend seems complicated?
Kuze: Don't ask me.

Yakuza: Who is it?
Fuyuki: Wah.. A group of gangsters...
Dr. Yuu: Hi! How are you?
Thugs: Long time no see Dr. Yuu!
How....in the world...
Yagi: Doctor! You guys really came.
Dr. Yuu: Yagi!
Yagi: This guy is...

Dr. Yuu: He is Keishichou Tokuhanka 007's officer Kuze!
Guy #1: Really named 007...
Guy #2: And I thought it was a joke...
Dr. Yuu: Hahaha...
Yagi: Oh really?
Yagi: This detective..
Dr. Yuu: And this here is who you wanted to meet, Ichikawa Fuyuki.
Yagi: So.. So cute...
Yagi: Please have a seat so we can talk.
Dr. Yuu: Right, let's sit!
Yagi: Alright, I will first introduce myself.
Yagi: I am the head of the Mangetsu division, Yagi (can't get the translation for the other part of the name. Its either Tadashi or Shigeru)

Yagi: Forgive me for being rude, but can we borrow this girl for a period of time?
Fuyuki: What?
Kuze: ... What for?
Yagi: The reason is--
Dr. Yuu: Let me guess.
Fuyuki: Why would the yakuza need me?
Dr. Yuu: The Mangetsu division is a branch of the Daimon group.
Fuyuki: Daimon group?
Dr. Yuu: The Daimon group picks a woman from either the Mangetsu division or the Soneda division
Dr. Yuu: The girl will marry into the Daimon group.
Fuyuki: In other words, the girl chosen to marry will be very well off?
Dr. Yuu: Correct.
Dr. Yuu: However, the day before one of the girls was to be chosen, one of the candidates was murdered.
Kuze: ...

Dr. Yuu: The Mangetsu division may want to find to find replacement, they can't find one. Even more impossible to find an unrelated person to substitute.
Fuyuki: ...
Dr. Yuu: And then you discovered someone to become a candidate.
Yagi: ...
Dr. Yuu: There are three reasons why you looked for this person.
Dr. Yuu: One, you can ask me who has many connections that can make things happen.
Dr. Yuu: Two, she is related to police and trained to handle unexpected dangers.
Dr. Yuu: Lastly, this person is very cute and beautiful.
Fuyuki: Huh?
Dr. Yuu: So, She will be noticed by the successor of the Daimon group.
Kuze: ...So, that's why you need Fuyuki?
Fuyuki: You want me to be the new bride candidate?!?!
Dr. Yuu: Yagi, is there anything wrong with what I said?
Dr. Yuu: Nope, everything is as you have said.

Yugi: Actually our branch is not really looking for a hand in leadership, but we cannot sit here and let the Soneda branch get what they want.
Kuze: You think that the bride candidate of the Mangetsu branch was killed by Katou?
Yugi: Not just think, I am 100% sure of it.
Yugi: Sayaka, is the mistress's daughter, but she got the position cause the first wife didn't have any kids. Before this, she had no connection with the yakuza.
Yugi: The Dr. said the person that killed her definitely is not an amateur (professional). so the reason she was killed is pretty obvious
Kuze: If you want Fuyuki to help, there is one condition.
Yugi: Condition?
Kuze: Katou of the Soneda division, you have to hand him over to me.

Yagi: You want me to be police's dog?
Kuze: I never said it like that.
Kuze: Moreover, you don't have to see me as a detective.
Fuyuki: ?
Yagi: What is that supposed to mean?
Fuyuki: Wah!
Kuze: All I want is to attend the heir selection together with this person.
Kuze: This isn't difficult to arrange.
Yugi: But..
Kuze: Are you worried that having the police intervene will cause the Mangetsu branch to lose credibility?
Kuze: Not only will protect your credibility, but I can also capture this Katou you hate so much.
Kuze: The Mangetsu division can expose the whole affair and not suffer any implications.
Kuze: This conversation is over.
Yagi: Ah... wait a minute..
Kuze: It was you who asked us to borrow Fuyuki.
Kuze: You didn't think we would just let you borrow her for no reason?

Dr. Yuu: Kuze is the one responsible for Sayaka's killer, he absolutely will not let this opportunity go.
Yagi: Dr. Yuu.. that Kuze bastard, just where is he from? Was he in the 4th investigation division before?
Dr. Yuu: Hahaha. He was from the first division.
Dr. Yuu: He is excellent, you can trust him. Just let him handle this!
Yagi: That brat-- really is incredible...
Dr. Yuu: Putting that brat aside, you shouldn't say those kinds of things in front of the even younger Fuyuki.
Yagi: Indeed..
Fuyuki: Kuze, Kuze!
Fuyuki: The condition that you mentioned, will they accept it?
Kuze: Please... You were actually considering putting yourself in danger to help that bastard?
Fuyuki: Ah?
Kuze: Listen, you aren't even a detective. You're just a little kid. The yakuza wants to borrow you. How can we just let them do what they want without saying anything?

Kuze: Of course I have to specially arrange it so that I participate with you!
Fuyuki: So that's why..
Kuze: ... What are you smiling about?
Fuyuki: Nothing!
Dr. Yuu: Tsk tsk tsk!

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(no subject)

from: yvienne_m
date: Apr. 22nd, 2011 11:37 am (UTC)

I'm one of the staff from Evil Flowers. We're currently scanlating and releasing this project. I was wondering if you would like to translate this for us. If yes please contact us at: evil.flowers.project@gmail.com .
Have a nice day! ^^

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from: dark_view_light
date: Apr. 27th, 2011 01:51 pm (UTC)


I'm from Evil Flowers. I pm'd you on Mangafox, but not sure if you got it. I wanted to ask permission to use your translations for Keishichou Tokuhanka 007. We have a translator of ours working on Chapter 07 onwards, wanted to ask you if we can use your translations for Chapter 05 and 06 Part 01. (: We'll credit you, of course. :D

Hope to hear from you soon~

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Help me

from: kina84pink
date: Apr. 30th, 2011 11:15 am (UTC)

I'm not on any translation group but I've been trying to get my own copy of this manga. Please, help me

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from: chocochipcooki
date: Jul. 17th, 2011 02:45 am (UTC)

thank you so much! I love the series..

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