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Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 Volume 2 Chapter 5

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Nov. 7th, 2010 | 12:51 am

Chapter cover!

Sasaki: Kuze, Fuyuki! Welcome back you two!
Fuyuki: We’re back!
Sasaki: I heard you guys caught the criminal. Someone reported it to us already. Good work you two!
Fuyuki: That’s right! Sasaki, let me tell you.
Sasaki: F..Fuyuki, what’s the matter?
Fuyuki: That idiot Kuze left me behind again!
Sasaki: Left you behind?
Fuyuki: That’s right! We finally found the criminal’s whereabouts and just as we were about to catch him, Kuze says, “Wait over here,” then runs off to arrest the criminal by himself!

Fuyuki: So much for being partners! Bullying others! Discriminating against women!
Sasaki: K..Kuze.. what do I do?
Kuze: Just ignore her.
Fuyuki: Kuze is a big idiot! Bastard times three!
Sasaki: I..idiot…
Kuze: You….just who is the one that is caught by the criminal every time….tell me!
Fuyuki: (uwah! I’m gonna die for sure!) That… that’s not my fault!
Sasaki: F-F-Fuyuki. Ah! Oh no..!
Mikumo/Nikaidou/Ichijou: Kuze, you bastard what are you doing to Fuyuki?
Sasaki: Got it!
Sasaki: Kuze, its very late already. You should go home and rest.
Kuze: What? Right, Fuyuki…. Time to go home. We’ll end it here for today.
Fuyuki: Uwaah…. I won’t do it again next time T_T
Mikumo/Nikaidou/Ichijou: Hang in there Fuyuki!
Sasaki: ..Oh, Fuyuki, where in Tokyo are you staying?
Fuyuki: Me?

Fuyuki: Teiou hotel
Mikumo/Nikaidou/Ichijou : Tei…..Teiou hotel, the rumoured one with the presidential suite that costs hundreds of thousands of yen per night.. that hotel?!!
Fuyuki: Ah.. you guys are misunderstanding. I’m staying in normal guestroom.
Mikumo/Nikaidou/Ichijou: One night is still tens of thousands of yen!
Kuze: Let’s go!
Fuyuki: I’ll be right there. Bye, everyone. I’ll be leaving first.
Sasaki: Thanks for your hard work.
Ichijou: While we are on this subject.. It seems like all the clothes that Fuyuki wears are name brand clothing!
Mikumo/Nikaidou: Say what?!!!

Mikumo/Nikaidou: Wait a minute… Why do you know so much about girl fashion labels? It’s not like you have a girlfriend.
Ichijou: That is a company secret.
Ichijou: Changing the topic… living in an expensive hotel, wearing name brand clothes everyday, Fuyuki is….a rich and sheltered miss. oujo-sama 千金小姐
Fuyuki: My family owns 5 cars. Mercedez-Benz, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Lexsior(?), also…
Princess of the 3 paupers
Mikumo/Nikaidou/Ichijou: We obviously live in two different worlds. T_T
Sasaki: Someone come save these three idiots.
Boss Kikuchi: You guys... what are you doing?
Mikumo/Nikaidou/Ichijou: Ah…
Sasaki: B-Boss…

Hotel worker: We are very sorry.
Fuyuki/Kuze: …..
Hotel worker: Seems to be a burst pipe from upstairs…
Hotel worker: Even all the clothes in the closet have been damaged. The hotel will repay you for all your losses…
Fuyuki: Well.. repaying me is secondary..
Fuyuki: The question is where do I stay now? Is there any other room I can stay at?
Hotel worker: About that…

Fuyuki: Uwah~ This is… Kuze’s home?
Kuze: …
Fuyuki: Kuze, Kuze! I’m really sorry about this… giving you more trouble.
Kuze: Well, there was nothing that could have been done about it!
Hotel worker: Today… all the rooms have been booked…. Sorry about this. Very sorry about this.
Kuze/Fuyuki: Is this for real…

Kuze: Since the hotel was completely booked… Remember your manners while staying here!
Fuyuki: Yay! That’s great!
Kuze: ….
Kuze: Didn’t I tell you to behave a little better?
Fuyuki: Uwahh T_T Sorry
Kuze: Take it
Fuyuki: Wah! A shirt?
Kuze: Change into that then sleep.
Fuyuki: Okay, thank you.

Kuze: Is it fun watching me change clothes?
Fuyuki: Sorry!!!
Fuyuki: He keeps messing around with me.
Fuyuki: What are you reading?
Kuze: ….
Book says “Criminal Psychology”

Kuze: Hurry and go dry your hair!
Fuyuki: Why? It’s too much hassle.
Kuze: Sit down….
Fuyuki: Uwah!
Fuyuki: I’m so lucky ♥
Kuze: You better remember this…
Fuyuki: … Kuze!
Kuze: What?
Fuyuki: How did you get that scar?
Kuze: Huh?
Fuyuki: The one on the side of your stomach
Kuze: Ah.. that..it was from when I was small.
Fuyuki: That’s right.. I forgot that even you once had a childhood.
Kuze: You… Do you think of me as a strange animal?
Kuze: My younger sister fell from a tree and I, who was standing below, got injured by the broken tree .

Fuyuki: (something) That hurts a lot!!!! O_O
Kuze: It’s not like it was you that got hurt.
Fuyuki: Kuze.. you have a younger sister?
Kuze: Why can’t I have a younger sister?
Fuyuki: Uwah! It’s just very surprising! Do you have any other siblings?
Kuze: One older sister and one younger brother
Fuyuki: What?!
Kuze: Face forward!
Fuyuki: So he’s the firstborn male of four siblings….
Fuyuki: Heh~ So that’s it.. Kuze is the big brother of the family. (Juicy gossip!)
Kuze: Done blow-drying your hair. Should go to sleep now.
Kuze: The bedroom is over there.
Fuyuki: Where are you sleeping?
Kuze: I can just sleep in the couch.
Fuyuki: What.. how can that be okay? Since it’s like that, I’ll sleep on the couch.

Kuze: No need, you sleep on the bed.
Fuyuki: No! I’m smaller, I’ll sleep on the couch!
Kuze: This is not debatable. You sleep on the bed.
Fuyuki: I. Don’t. Want. To.
Kuze/Fuyuki: …..
Kuze: Sigh.. I really can’t take this anymore...
Fuyuki: K-Kuze! What are you trying to do? Hurry up and put me down!

Fuyuki: Eh?! Uwah!
Kuze: Let’s stop arguing. We’ll sleep together.
Fuyuki: What? Wai-Wait a minute! Why do we have to sleep together? I already said I’ll sleep on the couch…
Kuze: Stop saying nonsense.
Kuze: Stop nagging! Hurry up and sleep!
Fuyuki: Can’t-Can’t breathe… T_T
Fuyuki: Wait a minute…That’s weird..Why won’t my feelings calm down? To sleep in this kind of situation, I….
Fuyuki: But, it is warm…

Kuze: Listen and hurry and sleep…
Fuyuki: That’s right.. I… It’s my first time sleeping with someone else in the same bed!
Kuze: She really fell asleep.
Kuze: I lost to you…

Fuyuki: This place is…? Let me think…
Fuyuki: Uwwaah! S-s-s-cared me…
Fuyuki: I remember. I stayed the night at Kuze’s home.
Fuyuki: Ah? Cell phone is ringing?
Fuyuki: Kuze, wake up. Your cell phone is ringing.
Kuze: Mm...

Kuze: What is it…
Sasaki: Ah! Kuze! Are you alright?
Kuze: … Sasaki?
Sasaki: It’s me. It’s already work time but you weren’t here yet so I was worried about you!
Boss Kikuchi: Kuze just what are you doing?
Sasaki: The boss is already here…
Sasaki: Fuyuki is not here either. Do you know what happened to her?
Kuze: Fuyuki, she.. she’s here with me?
Sasaki: Ah…?
Sasaki: What? Why would Fuyuki be at your place?
Mikumo/Nikaidou/Boss Kikuchi: What-------?
Sasaki: Kuze---!
Kuze: Sasaki…. Let me sleep a bit longer…
Sasaki: What? Wait… Kuze! Kuze! What happened…
Fuyuki: Uwah! Kuze, you’re so heavy! T_T Don’t lay on top of me!

Fuyuki: Kuze, get off! Get off~~!
The boss finally got so angry that he hung up.
Uwah---- Boss---!!!
Kuze went back to sleep.
Fuyuki: We have to stay in this position until he wakes up?

(got this layout from spire)

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from: grays567
date: Jan. 17th, 2011 03:09 am (UTC)

thank you for the summary. please continue do the other chapters.

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from: kiyuso
date: Mar. 29th, 2011 03:02 am (UTC)

Thanks for your hard work in translating this, please translate the rest if at your convenience. xD

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More please!!!! Hehe!

from: le_diosa
date: Apr. 16th, 2011 12:42 am (UTC)

Thanks for the detailed summaries! I hope you could also do Chapters 6 and onwards please.... I'm soooooo in love with Fuyuki and Kuze!!!! Thanks again! :)

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